Why Summer Still Presents A High Burglary Risk Level

There is no bad time of year to install home intruder alarm systems. While winter is a favourite time for burglars, the summer can be a season of peril too.

It is true that in summer, certain factors that favour crooks don’t apply. They don’t have long hours of darkness to help them hide unseen as they sneak around outside. The warmer weather means more people might be outside and spot them. And they don’t have the same obvious target as a load of presents sitting under the Christmas tree in December.

However, that doesn’t mean your home is not at risk in the summer. Breaks-ins are very common in the season for various reasons.

Firstly, there are summer holidays, when people are away from home and so may be their neighbours who could spot that something is afoot.

Secondly, it is a fact that the majority of burglaries actually happen in the daytime, with situations like doors left open on warm days, and householders being outside gardening or having a BBQ leaving opportunities for thieves to dash in and grab something valuable.

The summer also offers a risk because, while there may not be darkness to help the criminals hide, there is more foliage around, so bushes and hedges can offer cover.

Similar contrasts exist when it comes to out-buildings between the seasons. Winter darkness offers a chance to go unseen and break-in, while summer can see sheds go unlocked or valuable gardening equipment like lawnmowers can be left out overnight if it is dry.

Either way, alarm systems are a great way to deter burglars, as the last thing they want is to draw attention to themselves. This is also important because more often than not, someone is in the house when it is burgled. They could be asleep and oblivious in bed, but the offence might take place with the criminal using violence or threats to subdue the resident.

These are all reasons that having an alarm system makes a big difference, at any time of year.

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