Technical Surveillance
Counter Measures TSCM

Also known as bug sweeping
Our former Government, expert Technical Surveillance Counter Measures team, begin a TSCM survey with a threat assessment to determine the level of sophistication and access most likely to be available to hostile parties.

Security Management

The actual TSCM survey consists of two parts, an electronic sweep and a physical search using the latest electronic counter-measures equipment.

Upon completion of the survey, the findings and any recommendations to further minimise the likelihood of a successful technical surveillance attack are presented in a comprehensive report.

This service can be conducted for business premises, residences, and vehicles.

Business Security

A proactive approach, mitigating the damage which can result from insider threat and corporate espionage.

Privacy Confirmation

We frequently sweep the residential addresses of executives, journalist and celebrities who have a reason to suspect that their privacy may have been compromised.

Former Government Operators

Our operators are all highly experienced former government employees, using professional grade technical surveillance counter measures/ bug sweeping equipment.

Guildstone Associates is part of the Black Diamond Group and is able to draw upon the group’s comprehensive resources and experience to support the needs of our clients. Click here to view our Professional Security Services


Black Diamond is a trusted service provider within the industry who specialise in installing and managing superior security systems. Our services are delivered by highly trained security specialists with a depth of knowledge in providing solutions to the Corporate sector, ensuring your business is protected around the clock.

Our integrated approach enables us to provide,cover and support upon request to all aspects and phases of our clients’ operations:

  • Corporate Security
  • Hotel Services
  • Concierge/ Reception
  • Access Control
  • Event Security
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Airport Services
  • Close Protection
  • Technology Solutions
  • 24/7 Control