Penetration Testing

Assessing, testing and improving your organisation’s physical security and security culture. Physical Penetration Testing projects are created specifically for each client.

Risk & Intelligence

Physical Penetration Testing/Red Teaming

Each project will have a unique combination of options, including online research, physical intrusion methods, social engineering, spear phishing or USB assessments and often a simultaneous red team cyber attack, relative to the threats which your organisation faces.  Staff security culture, procedures and physical & technical infrastructure are all tested.

Physical Penetration Testing and subsequent staff security awareness training is the first defence against cyber crime.

Also known as Physical Infiltration or Black Teaming Physical Penetration Testing is a methodology, combining physical intrusion tactics with online research, reconnaissance, social engineering and often a consecutive red team cyber attack.

Physical security is often overlooked as an entry point for malicious actors.

  • 98% of cyber attacks rely on social engineering.
  • The average cost of a malware attack on a company is £1.73 million.
  • Physical Penetration Testing improves staff security awareness of the methods used by social engineers and hostile attackers.

Realistic Intruder Simulation

This real-life approach is proven to detect more vulnerabilities than a box ticking audit style test.

  • Security vulnerabilities and staff short cuts are easily detected.
  • Security culture is improved.
  • Business operations are more secure, reducing risk from competitors and insider threat.

Working carefully within the parameters of agreed tactics and objectives, our experienced Physical Penetration Testing Team will build a picture of your organisation’s security posture with an emphasis on staff security culture.

We will then attempt to gain access to your property and exploitable data regardless of size and existing security measures.

Our professional testers will revisit your premises over a day or a selection of days to conduct the series of tests using testers with a range of profiles suited to your particular business and location.

Following the test, we will create a comprehensive report using a risk assessment matrix to score your security level, carefully considering the risks to your assets versus real world threats. We will then make recommendations of how you can improve your current residential or corporate security.

A popular option, often requested by our clients, is to use our findings to create and deliver bespoke staff training packages to increase the awareness of your staff and improve the security culture of your business. This is carefully delivered in a friendly and constructive manner, emphasising to staff and stakeholders why it is vital that security procedures are followed.

We also offer a Digital Profiling service for executives, this will identify online vulnerabilities which we can then remove where possible. Each client is given a strategy to implement which will improve their privacy leading to better business and personal security.

Physical Penetration

Benefits of a Physical Penetration Test

  • Physical Penetration Testing adds weight to requests for security budget increases.
  • Impartial advice detects unknown security vulnerabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting and a clearly outlined strategy for improvement
  • Competitive pricing and a highly professional service

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Black Diamond is a trusted service provider within the industry who specialise in installing and managing superior security systems. Our services are delivered by highly trained security specialists with a depth of knowledge in providing solutions to the Corporate sector, ensuring your business is protected around the clock.

Our integrated approach enables us to provide,cover and support upon request to all aspects and phases of our clients’ operations:

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