Canine Dog Handling

We can provide an enhanced service that caters for your site to ensure your have 24/7 security. By combining technology solutions and manned guarding we can tailor make a bespoke solution providing you with peace of mind that your assets and business is secure and monitored around the clock.

Canine Patrols

Our highly trained security guard dog & handlers provide high visibility and audible protection with significantly increased levels of detection. Patrols provide superior detection and deterrence whilst reducing health & safety risks in vulnerable areas. All handlers are trained security operative. Dog handlers and dogs are trained in various areas, such as static guarding, crowd control and events.

Most of our dogs are trained for general purpose, which means they are highly skilled in dealing with the public and know exactly when and how to react. Each dog and handler have a 1 to 1 relationship and attend ongoing training sessions, which allows the best performance from the team.

Security Management

Canines are trained in various areas:

  • Static guarding

  • Crowd control

  • Event management

Potential results:

  • Reduced incidents of trespassing
  • Remove incidents of theft and damage
  • Arrests made of trespassers, thieves, and criminals
  • Providing protection for staff and visitors

Service Specifications:

  • Highly trained dog handlers
  • NASDU certified
  • Handlers are trained in EDI L2 or equivalent, therefore, know when and how to react.
  • Each dog handler has a 1 to 1 relationship and attends ongoing training sessions, which allows the best performance from the team.
  • Long leads can be used
  • 2 to 3 dogs can be used simultaneously


Black Diamond Security Ltd is an immensely capable, multifaceted provider of integrated security solutions that specialises in services to cater for all sectors. As such we have extensive experience in the following security and product provision sectors:

Our integrated approach enables us to provide, cover and support upon request to all aspects and phases of our clients’ operations:

  • Commercial Guarding
  • Sector Specific Guarding
  • Canine Patrols
  • Technology Led Solutions
  • Covert and Overt Operations
  • 24/7 Control