Time Lapse Project Management

Time-lapse Project Management (TLPM) is one of the latest security technologies from Black Diamond. We created the system to allow your management team to keep an eye on any of your sites, without the need to travel to it. Twinned with live feed cameras and frame by frame playback can be used for visual evidence of milestones, objectives and delays to your project. TLPM is built in-house to help reduce costs. They are designed for project management, not advertising purposes, however, can be tailored to if needed.

Security Management

The bespoke design, houses both fixed HD and still progress cameras.

The system can be used to replaces the need for tick sheets to be present on site.

The online access portal is provided for project managers to monitor milestones.

The videos created, provide satisfactory evidence of project progress.

Mitigation software allows you to identify potential delays in real time.

Monthly videos will be providing use in presentations to your management team.

The system can easily be deployed with effective ease onsite and is also mobile as to keep up with site progress.

Every 15 minutes your project manager can view footage spanning the previous 15 minutes.

Technical Specification

  • Mitigation software (helps prevent changes being made or fluctuations in timestamps)
  • Variable intervals between shots can be programmed into the system.
  • A weeks-long battery life
  • Remote login
  • 110 V & Hydrogen Battery
  • Fully Extended to 6M high
  • Onboard DVR with 250 GB Hard Drive recording 24/7
  • PTZ, 360-degree Pan, tilt and zoom camera
  • 100-metre vision range
  • Anti Vandal Motion detection sensor
  • The system is Environmentally friendly to cut your carbon footprint.

“The Ultimate Project Management Tool”

Time Lapse Video


As a trusted security company within the industry, we have vast experience in proactive and reactive solutions, installation and management of installed security systems and providing superior quality without losing that personal touch.

Black Diamond Security operations are delivered by highly trained security specialists and are among the best in the industry. We have a depth of knowledge and a set of proven capabilities that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our integrated approach enables us to provide,cover and support upon request to all aspects and phases of our clients’ operations:

  • Rapid Deployment Cameras (RDC’s)
  • Fixed CCTV
  • 4G Connectivity
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Access Control / Biometrics
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • 110V Rapid Deployment Cameras (110VRDC’s)
  • Gate Automation
  • Security Lighting
  • 24/7 Control