Triple IR Flame Detectors

Triple IR detectors are designed for the detection of hydrogen and hydrocarbon flames, they are self testing and have low levels of power consumption.  They are tuned to the specific spectral patterns given off by hot gases over large open areas or critical spaces where other fire detection methods do not work as effectively.

Security Management

Triple IR detects fuel and gas fires at long distances with highest immunity to false alarms.

If you work at or run a site noted below:

  • Biomass faculties
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Spraying Booth
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Recycling sites
  • Storage tanks and tunnels
  • Pallet yards and environmental waste

They will most likely generate high levels of heat or houses extremely flammable components, then you have a need for Triple IR Detector.

“The Fire Threat Detection System”

Technical Specification

  • Detects inorganic fuels
  • Detects hydrogen and hydrocarbon flames
  • High immunity to false alarms
  • Approved to EN 54-10:2002 Standards


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