We provide cutting edge, leading technologies and innovations in security to keep your business protected 24:7. From our Access Control and Alarm Systems through to Rapid Deployment Cameras and BDEye systems as well as Patrol Live Monitoring we have every element covered.

Rapid Deployment Cameras Eco

RDC’s provide complete helath & safety management even when disarmed, ensuring total security and full site coverage 24/7

Rapid Deployment Cameras 110v

110 VRDC’s ensure full site and provide complete health & safety solutions.

BDEYE System

BDEYES’s are the latest small rapid response visual surveillance systems

Live Feed Video Analytic System

Live feed video analytic systems are perfect for problematic hot spots and have the intelligence to give you a multitude of information.

Patrol Live Monitoring

Patrol Live Monitoring

Patrol Live is the latest is guard management. The system ensures the known location of your guards at a second’s notice. 

Ancillary Solutions (Was Perimeter Protection)

The system is designed to limit the access points to your site, it creating an invisible perimeter that provides protection of your exposed equipment.

Time Lapse Project Management

Time-lapse Project Management (TLPM) is one of the latest security technologies from black diamond. We created the system to allow your management team to keep an eye on any of your sites, without the need to travel to it.

Fixed CCTV Systems

Surveillance is a priority for any site, whether it be your residential property or your offices. 24/7 fixed CCTV offer the latest in technology for monitoring your site.

Access Control

Do you need to be sure who is on and off site at all times of the day, 24/7? Our access control system is built for such a purpose. It will be restricting access to your site or a specific location of your choosing.

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarms

Fire is the single greatest threat against your site/ property. Making sure you have a hi-tech fire safety security system maybe the difference in life and death. You need to be prepared and act fast.

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are designed to scare off potential burglars, thieves, and intruders. Our alarms are designed to provide a high decibel of noise when tripped.

Triple IR Flame Detectors

Triple IR detectors are designed for the detection of hydrogen and hydrocarbon flames, they are self testing and have low levels of power

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Want to restrict access to key internal and / or external facilities to protect them from unlawful actions?

Body Temp Detection Systems

High accuracy facial measurement, simultaneously measeuring up to 40 people at once.

We’re here to help, by your side, always

If you are looking to review your current security measures, procedures and protocols, would like to discuss any coming project, or if you would simply like to know more about Black Diamond Security, our dedicated team is on hand and would be delighted to help and be of service.