Spanish Consulate

Black Diamond Security were approached in July 2020 to discuss providing front of house security to the Spanish Consulate’s new premises in Manchester.

The main focus of the requirement was to have a welcoming professional team on duty during opening hours to provide a visual security presence, greeting visitors and processing them through the access procedure for the consulate. It was clear from the outset that BDS would need to select staff with excellent customer relations as well as security experience to best suit the positions and provide a first class ‘front of house’ presence in keeping with the high expectations of the Consulate.

BDS spoke frequently and researched the day-to-day operation of the Consulate to understand the exact ‘Person Specification’, this being key to ensuring that the service we provided was to the highest standard. Our combined role at ‘Front of House’ was to provide,

  • Access Control – Staff and Public.
  • Guiding and Assisting persons through the Scanning and Detection System.
  • I.D Checks on all members of staff.
  • Directing and clearing contractors to the Consulate.
  • Assisting the Consulate with any unruly visitors.

Since appointment, BDS have supported the Consulate with additional requirements throughout the Spanish Elections, where they have operated extended opening hours for nationals to vote. A key duty at this period was assisting in the creation and administration of a compliant ‘Covid-19’ environment and ensuring this was duly adhered to with regards to numbers within the building at any one time, face masks and social distancing throughout the whole access and egress procedures.

All BDS staff on-site wear distinct security uniform duly branded with both our BDS and the Consulate corporate identity. Due to the nature of the work, it is important that our staff are suitable skilled to deal with all elements of people from the public to contractors, senior members of the Consulate as well as foreign dignitaries to the Consulate. BDS are proud to have received numerous kind remarks and commendations for how polite and professional our staff are on-site. This is very positive for us as it not only highlights the good work of our frontline Officers, it also provides evidence that our recruitment and placement procedures are working in establishing the right candidates and associated skills for the many different requirements within the business.

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