Putting the ‘Eye’ in Security EYE!

Welcome to the latest visual verification protection system from Black Diamond Security! Providing 24/7 security, The Security Eye has 360 degree detection and reaches up to 15 metres away! With the ability to send notifications to your smart device and to our National Control Centre, you can feel much safer in the knowledge that your premises are secure!

Whether it’s for rail, construction, or a temporary site project, security is vital to ensuring safety and protection for a number of reasons. Deterring unwanted visitors and criminals when there’s nobody around, capturing surveillance images in the event of a crime, and enables control centre monitoring when intruders are on site, allowing our security team to take appropriate action, including calling the police if needed!

The Security Eye has a footprint of less than 1 square metre so it is ideal for small sites. It can easily be relocated and halves in size when being transported, so it is easy to fit into the boot of a car when travelling from one location to the next. Deterrent measures include a bright strobe light and a loud piercing siren. It can work independently with 6 months battery life as well as solar additions to provide infinite run time.

The best thing about Security Eye is that it’s available straight away, so if you’d like a free site demonstration, get in contact with us over the phone or via email. Alternatively, you can contact us through our form on the website!

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