Meet Carbon Goals While Keeping Your Site Secure

Whether you’re a business owner, a construction manager, in charge of hotels, or look after other types of large-scale sites, you will want to keep the premises as secure as possible. 

At the same time, your company will have carbon emission goals, trying to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere in order to slow down climate change.

Here are some ways you can improve your onsite security while remaining as environmentally friendly as possible.  

Green RDCs

    RDCs, or Rapid Deployment Cameras, are a great security feature to have on site. Four cameras are positioned on to a long pole that is fixed on to a mobile unit and offer 360-coverage of the area. 

    They cover up to 30 metres, can show images clearly even in low lighting, and typically hold two weeks’ worth of recording. 

    The Pan Tilt Zoom means they can capture pretty much anything that occurs in its immediate surroundings, with the footage monitored by a control centre. 

    Clients can also access the video recordings on their phones or other smart devices, allowing them to see the live coverage as it happens. 

    As the units are mobile, they are popular for one-off events, such as festivals. They can also be moved around the site easily, do not take up much room, and avoid organisers having to permanently fix cameras to the site. 

    RDCs are also great at boosting business’ green credentials as they can be powered by renewable sources, including solar or wind energy. 

    Security Eye

      Another way to protect a busy area is with a Security Eye detection unit. This works by detecting any moving object 360 degrees around the unit and up to 15 metres away. 

      Images are then sent to the National Control Centre or a mobile device for viewing, while a high volume siren will be set off to deter the possible intruder. 

      The Security Eye also has 360-degree high powered strobe lights, which also act as a deterrent and make it easier to spot anyone who should not be on the site. 

      It is an ideal system for premises where employees are working alone, as it alarms when an intruder is suspected and alerts the control centre. 

      The Security Eye is also a good option for construction sites, as it can be easily moved around. Therefore, it can be relocated to where the main building work is taking place at the time.  

      Companies that want to reduce their carbon emissions will also be pleased to know that it does not need any external power source, so it will not increase their energy expenditure. 

      Solar camera

        Security cameras are one of the most effective deterrents, as intruders do not want to be captured on film. This footage would provide evidence to the police, making it easier to prosecute them for trespassing, and any other criminal act they get up to. 

        Solar cameras, which can record up to five days’ worth of footage, are particularly favourable, as they offer a 90-degree coverage of 30 metres, and can be fitted to trees or existing posts. 

        They also do not require any external power source, making them very environmentally friendly. They are also good options for places like farms where there are no accessible powerpoints. 

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